Interstate Transport

When your searches include the term logistics, you find a large number of logistics consultancies- far more than companies who provide the actual service.  And this makes sense, as logistics is a lot about linking together ships and trucks, and managing the whole chain of resources needed to transport the product. The consultancies generally provide advice on how to interconnect all the steps, and often offer to manage it for you.  But, if you already know exactly what you’ll need – a truck or a courier, it’s probably better to search using the more specialized terms.

Consultants recommend a solution and may execute /manage it for you.  It’s a bit of a sliding scale, but consultancies lean more towards the management of the companies that provide the transport where the providers manage their own link in the chain.  There’s often a bit of an overlap.

You usually find someone who specializes in one type of transport or another by searching for that more precise term, but there are companies that provide more than one link in the supply chain themselves, and they can be returned in the search results too.  Warehousing is often a service that’s provided along with a single means of transport.

Here are some groups that are set up to best handle distribution internally in Australia between Sydney and other major cities.  Rather than those more aligned to international supply and delivery.

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