The Best Method to Find a Car Shipping Company

In order to find a good company, you can go directly to the website of the company that your are interested in and request a quote or you can find one of several websites that offer you five to ten quotes by submitting only one form. Be sure that you enter in the information as accurately as possible for the most accurate quote. If your vehicle has been modified in any way, the standard quote you get from the internet may not be accurate, since modifications often add weight. If the vehicle is not running, you may also be charged more since it will be more difficult to load and unload.

Be cautious about the lowest quotes. Sometimes you will get a low quote that is not yet attached to a carrier. Once you dismiss all the other quotes, you will start to hear about additional charges that make that lowest quote the most expensive one. If a quote is way below all of the others, be careful.

Use resources such as the internet, friends and co-workers and the Better Business Bureau to check out any company you are considering hiring to move your vehicle.

Make sure that any brokers you deal with are bonded and that any company you contract with is licensed and insured.

Once you are confident in the company you are choosing, book the order. Be sure that you get either an e-mail or a fax confirmation. Read all the paperwork or e-mails that the company sends you before signing the contract. Also, do not forget that an electronic signature is just as binding as a virtual signature.

You will need to prepare your vehicle for the transport. That will include removing personal or valuable items from the car. Do not pack things that need to be moved in the car as they are not allowed. The gas tank should be below 1/4 tank. This lowers the weight of the load the truck must pull and increased the fuel efficiency. If you wash your vehicle before pickup so that its condition can be seen when picked up.

The carrier should inspect your vehicle at the time of pickup. Any damage to the vehicle will be noted and you will be asked to sign the inspection form. Keep the copy that the carrier gives you until you pickup your vehicle.

Once your vehicle has been delivered, you will perform an inspection to be sure that it is in the same condition as when it was picked up. Take your time with this inspection, because once you have signed this form, you will not be able to make any further claims about damage to the vehicle. If there are additional damages, the carrier needs to sign the form and you need to get a copy of the form.

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