The Key Components of an Effective Freight Forwarding Logistics Program

What separates the best shipping companies from their average competitors? It all boils down to sound forwarding logistics. A lot of details are involved in shipping goods domestically and internationally. It’s important that the cargo shipping company you work with has experience in the shipping industry and can assist you with other services, such as documentation, customs clearance and door delivery.

When looking for a company that can provide an efficient freight forwarding logistics program, here are key attributes to look for.

•Multi-modal transportation—Cargo shipping isn’t a one-size-fits-all operation. It’s important that the shipping company you work with offers multiple options for getting your goods to their destination. Multi-modal transportation is a key part of effective forwarding logistics as it allows shippers to choose the most cost-effective and reliable method for delivering their goods. The best shipping companies offer options for shipping by air, sea, and land. The mode of transportation you choose depends on the type of goods being shipped, your required date of delivery, the shipment destination, and your budget.

• Document preparation—Completing the required documentation is another important part of the cargo shipping process. While it’s the shipper’s responsibility to complete the necessary documentation, many shipping companies offer assistance in this sometimes complicated process. This ensures all documentation is properly completed the first time, saving everyone time and streamlining the shipping process.

• Cargo insurance and claims—The shipping company you work with should offer the option to purchase cargo insurance on any shipment you send. While rare, the simple truth is accidents do occur from time to time during transport, causing damage to shipments. Cargo insurance makes certain you’re fully covered financially should anything happen to your package. The best shipping companies have a smooth insurance and claims process that eliminates hassle and keeps customers satisfied.

• Customs brokerage and clearance—Another crucial forwarding logistics service to look for is customs brokerage and clearance. Any time you send a shipment to an international destination, your goods have to pass through customs. Without proper guidance, this can be a time-consuming, costly process. The most experienced shipping companies have established relationships with customs brokers throughout the world, helping your packages clear customs as quickly as possible.

• Loading and unloading—Whether you’re shipping a car or kitchenware, it’s important to know that the team at the warehouse is properly trained in best practices for loading and unloading all different types of shipments. A good shipping company has company approved loading and unloading procedures outlined in their forwarding logistics program. This minimizes the risk of damage, helping your shipment reach its final destination quickly and safely.

• Tracking—Today’s shipping companies offer 24/7 real-time shipment tracking online. This allows shippers to simply logon to the company’s website, enter their unique tracking number, and see exactly where their shipment is at all times.

A shipping company is only as good as its forwarding logistics program. Make sure the cargo shipping provider you choose has a sound plan in place that minimizes errors and ensures maximum satisfaction.

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