Relocating Homes

Relocatable Homes have a good sized market in Australia. The distances are wide and with primary production being a mainstay of the Australian economy, there is a mobile workforce that relocates to the site of the newest mine or seasonal crop.

Building a house from scratch and on-location is far more work than moving a pre-build home in. It becomes especially more viable when it’s likely that the house-owner or tenant is likely to more on later leaving an unused building behind.

Most relocatable homes are built in modules that can be transported on the back of trucks and re-assembled at the property. The modules are complete with plumbing and electrical wiring in place. This is a very different logistical situation than the need to transport the materials of a home separately – the bricks, cement, pipes etc.

A good example of an Australian company that specialises in the construction and transportation of relocatable homes is Classic Style Homes, based in Dubbo, NSW ( ). A number of businesses that build these homes, along with trucking companies that provide the relocation, tend to be based out of the major cities and more central to the primary production regions.

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