Warehouse Machinery Training

When you’re involved in any type of distribution, warehousing is often a significant activity. Even if this is avoided to an extent, shifting crates and large articles from truck to truck and taking them on and off at the destinations will have to be done.

The ability to drive a forklift or manage a crane is an asset, but as with all specialised skills, one that requires training and which has become regulated in Australia as an OH&S ( occupational health and safety ) requirement. There are a number of training centers that provide courses and certification for these skills. Probably one of the oldest and best known is HPOTS in the Hunter Valley at Cessnock.

Though not central to the city, we recommend that the 2 hour drive north to get the training is worth it. With a huge training acreage and the ability to deliver hands-on training with the larger machines, these guys provide a great service.

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